Pull Requests tips

About commit messages

  • Messages in english only
  • All messages have to follow the pattern: “[TAG] message”
  • TAG have to be one of the following: new, update, bugfix, delete, refactoring, config, log, doc, mergefix

About the code

  • One change (new feature, update, refactoring, bugfix etc) by commit
  • All bugfix must have a test simulating the bug
  • All commit must have 100% of test coverage

Running tests


python manage.py test --with-coverage --cover-inclusive --cover-html --cover-package=django_dynamic_fixture.* --with-queries --with-ddf-setup

TODO list

Tests and Bugfixes

  • with_queries bugfixes (always print 0 queries)
  • Deal with relationships with dynamic related_name
  • bugfix in fdf or ddf: some files/directories are not deleted
  • tests with files in ddf
  • tests with proxy models
  • tests with GenericRelations, GenericForeignKey etc
  • more tests with OneToOneField(parent_link=True)


  • auto config of denormalizated fields
  • related_name documentation or workaround
  • today, yesterday, tomorrow on fdf
  • string generation according to a regular expression


  • with_queries documentation
  • example to generate models with validators in fields or in clean methods